What is SitMoP?

SITMOP (Silence is the Mother of Patience) is a revolutionary idea of an evolution in health and medical procedures in which the ‘alternative’ becomes the regular, and rescuing traditional practices becomes the modern way of healing.

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I am Dr Caetana Varela-Hall, a Medical Doctor who, after working for several years in a main hospital in Madrid (Spain), got tired of having to follow protocols designed by the interests of a very few, for relieving but not curing, chronifying instead of healing… I decided to put an end in my hypocritical practice, as although the remedies I was prescribing had been by far ‘scientifically proven’ I did not want them for myself or for my loved ones.

I started my personal & professional research on other types of medicines that are not taught in regular Medical Schools, not even in the best Universities. I realized that most times, the actual prevention for diseases and healing of ailments is not reflected in our health systems as of course, it is not profitable for those few who monopolize our society.

Health is much easier that all that, and much more handy to all. Knowledge of this is the key for a better health and thus, a better and happier life.

In SITMOP I share the knowledge I acquire and hold related to health and healing, freedom and health sovereignty, leading a happy life, and living more naturally and sustainably, both with ourselves and with the rest of the Universe. My school is the world and my teachers are its beings. I also organize workshops (online and live) and have many collaborations (in English, with Women of Wellness and in Spanish, with Casa Ceiba. Soon opening my own Integrative Medicine Clinic and Retreat Center.

Thank you for being. And for reading.

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